About Us

Welcome to Moon Mountain, where we offer clothes and textiles for the home made only from natural, high-quality fabrics such as cotton and linen. At Moon Mountain, we take pride in crafting small batch products, ensuring attention to detail and exceptional quality.

Moon Mountain is a name that embodies our brand's values and vision. The moon symbolizes the natural beauty of our planet and our connection to it, while the mountain represents strength and stability. Our brand is inspired by the harmony and balance found in nature, and we strive to incorporate these elements into our products. The moon also serves as a guiding light, and we see Moon Mountain as a guiding light towards a more sustainable future. We chose the name Moon Mountain to reflect our commitment to creating sustainable products grounded in nature and built to last, much like enduring mountains.

Our mission is to provide our customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly products that do not harm our planet. We strongly believe in using natural fabrics that are biodegradable, do not release microplastics when washed, and do not contribute to ecosystem pollution. Every item in our store is carefully selected to meet our high standards of quality.

Moon Mountain is a small business founded by a married couple who have always prioritized delivering the best quality and service. As a small-batch business, we take pride in supporting our community by collaborating with other local businesses and contributing to our local economy. Additionally, we are proud to partner with trusted factories to provide ethical and sustainable employment opportunities.

We are passionate about creating products that are not only beautiful but also durable and sustainable. Our goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional shopping experience by offering personalized service and high-quality products.

Thank you for choosing Moon Mountain. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.